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Fighting Farmers

Our Mission Statement

   Promote the Fighting Farmer Football Program to be successful in supporting players and coaches by providing moral and financial
   support needed to achieve excellence. As parents and supporters we will:

  • Exhibit Good Sportsmanship

  • Show Good Character

  • Provide sponsorship and supplementary financial support

  Benefits of Joining

  • Membership dues go directly to scholarships.

  • Your player becomes eligible for scholarships.

  • Receive weekly newsletters during football season covering the current week's football game.

  • Voting rights at booster club meeting.

  • Opportunities to come together as a Farmer Family and have FUN!

  Past Projects Include

  • Provide funds for each player to attend the end of year football banquet.

  • Provide player meals.

  • Provide athletic equipment (for example: long sleeve dry-fit type shirts).

  • Create and display the varsity L's at home games.

  • Purchased video cameras and a new segment timer.

  • And many more.

2014-15 Booster Club

LHS Football Booster Club Board
  • President: Damien Rosado e-mail
  • Vice President: David Henderson e-mail
  • Secretary: Belynda DiCiaccio e-mail
  • Treasurer: Melissa Robertson e-mail
  • Membership: Debra Benson e-mail
  • Volunteers: Renee Brooks e-mail
  • Volunteers: Kizzy Mickels e-mail (469)534-4212
  • Spirit Wear: Michelle Barker e-mail
  • Spirit Wear: Tanyania Bobb e-mail
  • Website: Michael Long e-mail
  • Publicity: Julie Long e-mail
  • Food Coordinator: Shannon Walker e-mail
  • Fundraising: Donna Kearns e-mail
  • Fundraising: James Walker e-mail
  • Historian: John Jennings e-mail
  • Coach: Gregg Miller e-mail (469) 948-3333

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